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Residential moving

Local Moving Services

Even a simple move , if not given a proper thought, can become a situation, both dramatic and traumatic. Experience, preparation and organization could have eliminated most problems and turned even the most complicated moves into ones that were problem free. From years of experience “Quality Moving and Transportation, Inc” has developed an effective process, which is designed to treat each customer individually , correctly determine the needs before the moving process begins, make necessary preparations and provide the most efficient service available.

Relocation Consulting

Our philosophy is simple – since you move once in a while, and we do it every day, let us take the burden off your shoulders!

When you call, tell us what you need and we do everything to get you there. We will take care of packing your fragile artwork and electronics; provide crating services and storage solutions . We will not charge you extra if you live in a walk up building, or want to move on a weekend. Our company has provided superior service at affordable prices to thousands of satisfied customers . Our professional staff, trucks, moving equipment and excellent storage facilities are fully certified, licensed, insured and available to assist your move.


The “Quality” pricing system is straightforward and simple: There is an hourly labor charge, based on the number of movers on the team, including truck and moving equipment. Hourly charge starts once movers arrive to your house and finish when the service is completed at your new address. Travel time will be added, based on either flat fee (for five-borough area), or driving time from pick up to your destination. Accessorial charges include cost of packing supplies, tolls, additional valuation (liability) and special services if requested.


You may choose to move with basic liability for 30 cents per pound per article for which you do not pay any additional fee.

Or, if you wish to be paid the depreciated value for lost or damaged items, you must declare additional coverage, please visit to order additional coverage for any extraordinary items.

Free Box Delivery

According to your order, we will deliver all the necessary packing supplies to your door in advance. This way you have boxes to pack up some of your belongings yourself (such as books, records, files, linens, clothes, etc.) The delivery is free and you pay only for the supplies used. The unused packing supplies and boxes can be returned for the full refund on the move day.

Last Minute Service

We start early and work late, and when you need us! Our Moving Company provides last minute moves, 24 hours/7 days a week. Movers will be at your door within 2 hours or less (based upon availability).

Packing and Crating Services

We provide packing and crating services, upon request to help your goods get the protection you deserve.